CNC Plasma Cutting Tables Supplied by Magal Engineering

QK Series of CNC Cutting Tables

Qiankun Machinery popularly known as QK was founded in 1999 and supplies high end computerized numerically controlled (CNC) plasma cutting tables to many parts of the world such as China, India, Europe and other parts of Asia.

CNC Cutting Tables from QK Machinery

MiniCUT series

The MiniCUT is a cost-effective solution specially developed for small quantity cutting and space-challenged environments. .

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EcoCUT series

EcoCUT is designed to deliver performance, and quality while being economic and efficient. It is widely used for sheet processing, bridge engineering, steel structure engineering, marine engineering, packaging, chemical agricultural machinery industry and more.

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SmartCUT series

SmartCUT CNC plasma cutting machine is capable of reaching top speeds of 2400mm/min, the SmartCUT is the most productive machine in its class.

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MaxCUT series

Unlike most competitor machines, The MaxCUT's infinite-rotation feature effectively achieves 'K-groove' cuts with high accuracy.

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BenchCUT series

BenchCUT CNC Plasma cutting machine is a high speed precision table and comes equipped with a modular fume extraction table. It is easy to setup and requires minimal maintenance.

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Mantis series

The Mantis is designed for portability and space-challenged environments, it is used in shipbuilding, automobile, petrochemical, electric power machinery, and other industries. The Mantis can be used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum and other metal plates and materials.

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