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Mechanical Presses Supplied by Magal

Do you need high quality, robust mechanical presses for your plant? Magal Engineering can help. We offers presses from well-known press makers like Chin Fong Machinery.

Mechanical Presses from Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co. Ltd.

Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.was established in 1948 and is the biggest maker of mechanical power presses in Taiwan. Chin Fong’s large array of products have been designed to enhance productivity, reliability and profitability for its users.

Magal Engineering Co India Pvt. Ltd has been selling mechanical presses from Chin Fong to a large number of industries. To ensure we deliver high quality service, our installation engineers and service technicians are trained and authorized by Chin Fong to accurately respond to your needs.

CNC Servo Press

Direct Drive CNC Servo Press
LInk Drive CNC Servo Press

Integrate conventional link drive presses with CNC servo drive systems. Additionally, experience the benefits of a super rigid steel frame and high-accuracy slide guide.

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C-Type Presses

C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses
C-Frame Double Crank Power Presses
C-Frame Single Crank Link-Motion Presses
C-Frame Double Crank Link-Motion Presses

The OCP series is open back, single crank, "C" frame, designed for general stamping application such as drawing, forming, blanking, piercing, bending, marking, sizing, trimming etc. These presses come either in single or continuous stroke mode.

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Straight Side Presses

High Precision Straight Side Presses
Straight Side Power Presses
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Fully Automatic Tandem Press Line

Single Action, 1 Point, Eccentric Gear Presses
Single Action, 2 Point, Eccentric Gear Presses
Single Action, 4 Point, Eccentric Gear Presses
Single Action, 1 Point, Link Drive Presses
Single Action, 2 Point, Link Drive Presses
Single Action, 4 Point, Link Drive Presses
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Precision High Speed Presses

HSD series is high speed double crank presses designed especially for the manufacture of laminated rotors and stators of electric motors. The press Frame, crown, uprights and bed are made of high quality cast iron. The frame is hydraulically pre-stressed by tie rods and nuts to ensure superior rigidity during high precision progressive blanking.

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Straight Side High Speed Single Crank Presses

Transfer Press

Straight Side 2-point Transfer Presses. The press can handle weights ranging from 400-2700 ton.

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Forging Presses

Cold Forging Presses
Warm Hot Forging Presses
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Precision Heavy Stamping Presses

High Precision Progressive Presses
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Automatic Equipment

Robot Line
Uncoiler c/w Straightener
Serve Drive Straightener & Feeder with Uncoiler
Transfer Unit
Automation of Cold Forging Process
Destacker Feeder
Multi-Axis Industrial Robot
Shuttle Feeder
Rotary Shear Line
Slitter Line
Blanking Line
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